Are you concerned about the effects that traditional dentistry treatments may have on your health? Discover a dentist with a difference and visit Dr Ben Olstein, Melbourne's only bio-compatible natural dentist. Dr Olstein practises holistic dentistry where your overall well being is the main priority. Bio-compatible natural dentistry recognises that dental materials can contribute to toxic build up in the body and affect your general health. To find out more about Dr Olstein's method, please contact the surgery today.

Balanced Dental Treatments

A balanced and healthy body needs balanced  non-toxic dentition. Dr Ben Olstein believes that dental treatment must be bio-compatible with the whole body and not compromise your general health and well being. In his natural dental surgery no metals are used and all materials are specifically selected for you with your own bio-compatibility in mind. Wherever possible, only natural products and herbs are used for treatment to avoid damage to your body through the build-up of additional toxins.

Relaxed and Comfortable Atmosphere

Dr Ben Olstein and his team recognise and respect that some people may be anxious about visiting a dental surgery. This is why Dr Olstein and his staff have created an environment that is relaxing and comforting. This is achieved through the use of aromatherapy oils and music for meditation. For more information on how holistic and bio-compatible dentistry works please browse this website. Feel free to contact Dr Ben Olstein's office to arrange for a consultation. 

For natural dentistry that works in harmony with your body, contact Dr Ben Olstein today! 03 9510 1644