Many people these days are becoming more aware of the possible dangers that modern dental treatments and materials can pose to their health. For Melbourne's only truly holistic biological dental practice, contact Dr Ben Olstein and his team. Dr. Ben Olstein focuses on delivering bio-compatible dentistry for your total health and well being. Dr Olstein and his team believe that a balanced healthy body needs balanced non-toxic dentition. With this philosophy in mind, Dr Olstein's practice uses only natural products and herbs wherever possible. To find out more, please contact Dr Ben Olstein's dental clinic today.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the best natural dentistry to you at all times. Relax in the knowledge that our team is dedicated to caring for you and promoting your lifelong dental health without compromising your general health in any way. Your emotional, physical and spiritual well being is our most important priority. Our staff strive to make natural dentistry fun as well as safe and rewarding. We will always endeavour to treat you with the utmost respect and care. We will be clear in our communications with you regarding treatment, finances and education. We will continue to enhance our personal development through continuing education and team building to better serve the cause of quality natural dentistry. To discover the difference that natural dentistry can make, please call Dr Ben Olstein to make an appointment.

Man getting treatment at the best dentistry

If you're concerned about toxic dental materials, call us for bio-compatible natural dentistry! 03 9510 1644